Yes, we were all going to yoga and pilates, dabbling in art projects, meditating, growing organic lettuce, re-reading the classics, watching documentaries, experimenting with Vegan recipes, traveling, having garage sales, improving the curb appeal of our house, eating out, eating in, squeaking out a living, complaining about the weather, going to Weight Watchers, ordering from Amazon Prime, jogging in marathons, raising children, getting facials or massages, painting our toenails, getting advanced degrees, spoiling our pets, voting once every two years, trying to keep up with world events and Zumba classes, desperately trying to control a bevy of addictive urges, rationalizing the lot of it with a healthy dose of Ted Talks, and we dropped the ball. The Tea Party picked up the ball and now it has grown into an enormous dumb and dangerous ball with orange hair.. I think we’ve learned our lesson and may take a more active role in our Democracy even if it means missing a few Netflix shows.