It must be a mothering instinct or survival mechanism that has ignited the rage I feel towards my fellows who have, against their own interests, brought forth a moron from the Sodom Shores of Real Estate to lead the Free World. These otherwise, for the most part, good folk have been led astray with genius manipulation and falsity; smoke and mirrors, promises and pronouncements. In their desperate state of angst they’ve grasped a Golden Goat, hoping against hope that He of the Orange will solve their cash flow concerns. Clear the deck for blame! Blacks, immigrants, women, Muslims, Easter Bunnies, Allah, Mexicans, Atheists, Gays…. the list is long. Somebody fucked some shit up big time. Somebody turned the tide. The Orange One surrounds himself with the filth of Wall Street and Oil… but they’re rich, too! So show us the money. Give us our due! We’ll bottom feed the golden crumbs, steal back from the Devil our dignity. I must absolve my co-patriots of blame. We’ve all been duped before. When the dirty truth becomes evident we’ve got to dig out of the hole together. It’s going to take a lot of shovels.