Again I repeat, organized religion is an abomination upon the earth. What if we could prove there were no gods, no gods with opinions on political matters, gods who merely drifted above the clouds without comment, gods who did not divide us. Yes, gods of love without additional rules- love they neighbor unless they have an abortion, love thy neighbor unless they sodomize, love thy fellow man unless they believe in a false god. Which false god has the most inspired alternative facts? Which false bible of bullshit offers the most palatable myths? god is love with conditions. Yes, we love and therefore we destroy in the name of love, in the name of our god, who is a jealous god, a god who created pain for what the fuck reason? A god who has been god-napped so that we can rationalize our barbarous need to torture in the name of whatever god turns us on. god number one, god number two, and behind door number three, another god. Are they are punching each other out offstage as the devil laughs his ass off?