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Car as Canvas

Scan 21Tough on the resale value, maybe, but critical for immediate identification of your vehicle in a miles wide Walmart parking lot. Would anyone steal this car? No. Leave your keys in it. Keep the doors ajar. Will anyone hit this car, cut in front of you on the highway, ride your bumper? I guess no. Instincts prevail; stay clear of that which is suspect- the Other. Is it an aging half blind hippie behind the wheel or a lunatic with a gun? Worse yet, a frustrated artist.   You’ll have room to maneuver on the road; You will own the road. Speed up, slow down, orchestrate the momentum, lead from behind. When the car finally dies, it becomes an automatic art installation- available for scrap metal- which you offer to a sculptor in exchange for a shard of the left bumper- a shard you can blow torch into a silver chandelier. A car isn’t ever just a car.

Reverse Photoshopping

older  Someday soon it will be cool to be old- really old, almost dead. It will be hip to be wrinkled and age spotted and creviced. Why? because everything that looks perfect will be suspect…. Life, if not experienced through a technological app, is a manipulation– from recording studios to photography, reality is a hologram- a non-truth, a sucker punch- a complete sham. We all know it but we feel we don’t have any choice but to participate. The stakes get higher, the perfection more perfect- more than perfect, unworldly, unreal, distorted, like a Disney cartoon – with the birdies singing in the trees, feathers unruffled, doing a little birdie dance across a tree limb. The birdies on the screen do not age, and they do not die. We all know better…. and soon we will crave the underbelly– the false note, the dull sunset.  In order

to prepare for this cultural turn-about, I suggest reverse photoshopping-sound recording, etc. – embracing and enhancing our defects in an effort to get real. Now, excuse me while I make an appointment with a plastic surgeon.

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