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some say there is a touch of madness
LAUREL CASEY has done THIS and THAT all over the world in a BIG way with LOTS of FAMOUS people. You haven’t heard that much about her because, until now, she has sabotaged her many successes due to a childhood trauma that resulted in a Self-Esteem issue. Despite that challenge she has become an UNKNOWN legend with a million to one chance of making it so BIG that you might ten fold your investment within 20 years. THE QUESTION IS:  What IMPRESSES you? Are you celebrity obsessed, boob crazy, an insipid sycophant clinging to the vine of conformity OR are you courageous enough to follow your own vision? If you knew that Laurel has dated with BIG NAME got a standing ovation at BIG NAME, is a member of BIG NAME, published stories in BIG NAME and won a BIG NAME award, would that impress you enough to shell out some dough?
Performance Art:
How to Survive a Hot Flash – Salvation Café, Newport
No Shame- Joe Papp Public Theater, NYC
Coup De Tate Cabaret- Mc-something? – NYC
It Don’t Mean A Thing- Don’t Tell Mama NYC
If I Had an Eggroll- Chinese Restaurant, Middlebury Vermont
Clyde has a Life, too- Great Falls Gallery, Middlebury, Vermont
My Buddy- Camilles, Federal Hill, Providence
Miss Fit- Redwood Library, Newport, RI
If You Don’t Mind Me Saying So- Bean, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Pill Head- Right Bank, Williamsburg, Brooklyn
Caged Bird- Russian Tea Room, NYC
Who’s Afraid of Laurel Casey?- Salvation Café, Newport
Is That a Clam in my Chowder?- Muriel’s, Newport
Freak-Out- Sleepy Hollow Country Club, NY (Dick Cheney gun incident)
Pie in Your Face– Biltmore, Providence
Jazz Trio:
L’Hibiscus- St. Bart’s
Asterix and Obelix- Newport
El Bico- Boston
The Rat Pack- Farmington, Ma
Hilton- Bangkok
Hilton- Berlin
Doris Duke’s Birthday Parties- Newport
Margaritaville- New Orleans
Dozens of second rate dumps across the country
Equity Actress with Asolo State Theater, Goodman, Wooly Mammoth, Royal Tyler theater, Louisville Rep. – Actors Equity, S.A.G.
M.F.A. Acting Program, F.S.U Asolo Conservatory 1987
Fellow- Middlebury College Breadloaf Writer’s Conference- 1989
Fellow- Eugene O’Neill Cabaret Symposium, summer 1993
Sanford Meisner-Neighborhood Playhouse, NYC 1988
B.A. University of Vermont  Journalism

I feel very privileged that musicians I work with don’t refer to me as a Jazz Singer and not a “female vocalist.”